Bobby Lee And Brock Pierce Elected As Bitcoin Foundation Board

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Bitcoin Foundation’s board of directors, as of May 2014, included chairperson Peter Vessenes, Gavin Andresen, Bobby Lee, Micky Malka, Jon Matonis, Brock Pierce, and Elizabeth Ploshay. In October 2014, Jon Matonis resigned from his position of Executive Director of the Foundation, and at the end of the election cycle on 31 December 2014 stepped down from the group’s board of directors.

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Bitcoin Foundation's Brock Pierce responds to controversy24 Apr 2018.

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The Bitcoin Foundation, a nonprofit group created to promote the use and future of bitcoins, has announced the results of voting for its two open board member seats that became vacate with the resignation of Charlie Shrem and Mark Karpeles earlier this year. Taking the top two spots in the runoff election are BTC China CEO Bobby Lee and bitcoin startup investor Brock Pierce.

At least ten foundation members want to see former child star and Bitcoin investor removed from the board

Contenders for the seats include Bobby Lee of BTC China, Brock Pierce (former child actor and bitcoin entrepreneur), Frank Schuil (CEO of Safello), and Huobi CEO Leon Li. For more information, you can take a look at the candidates thread on the Bitcoin Foundation forums.

Bobby Lee, Brock Pierce Join Bitcoin Foundation’s Board of Directors Pete Rizzo May 9, 2014 The Bitcoin Foundation has officially announced its two newest board members: Bobby Lee and Brock Pierce.

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