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5 Apr 2018.

As an international financial centre, Hong Kong attaches great.

As an international finance, trade and transport hub with strong links to.

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Highlights. RSS. [25 May 2020] External merchandise trade statistics for April 2020; [21 May 2020] Consumer Price Indices for April.

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Find out the 8 best shopping areas to shop in Hong Kong from luxury malls to street markets in.

There are plenty of treasures and bargains to be found in this labyrinth of.

Shopping malls: SOGO, Times Square, Caroline Centre, World Trade Centre, Lee.

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A proposal to impose national security laws in Hong Kong could see mainland intelligence agencies set up bases in the global.

Small groups of protesters remained on Hong Kong’s streets early Wednesday evening, after officers fired pepper spray.

Hong Kong police fired tear gas and a water cannon at protesters in a popular shopping district Sunday, as thousands took to.