This Is Why Bitcoin Could Be The New Gold

Today in Bitcoin (2017-08-10) -  Bitcoin could be the new GoldBitcoin is finally back above US$10,000, for the first time since February 2020, shortly before the massive crash of March.

16 Apr 2019.

Gold is the global asset to hedge against risk, but when you drill down into mindshare, you can see what looks like bitcoin eating into the.

Pete Comley, the author of the book Inflation Matters, says the coronavirus crash could lead to a wave of inflation in the.

9 May 2020.

And if so, will investors and gold bugs swarm to BTC as the new hedge in times of crisis? On the matter of the supply squeeze, some were.

Cryptocurrency markets had a great run in April and a period of relative stability in May, which could draw enough attention.

The latest employment report had every economist scratching their head.  The stunning 2.51 million jobs created in May is.

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U.N. and Federal Reserve experts said CBDCs can compete with banks, New York and France enter an agreement while Europol has.

29 Jan 2017.

LONDON – Cryptocurrency bitcoin could be the new gold. Gold has traditionally been seen as a "safe haven" asset by investors – when.

We address the question how cryptocurrencies can be classified based on volatility behavior and how they are correlated with already es- tablished asset classes.

15 Jan 2020.

Finally, we find a low extreme correlation between bitcoin and gold, which implies that both assets can be used together in times of turbulence in.